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Roar Cat Reads is a community based in Vancouver and beyond that connects, entertains, and celebrates all things queer and nerdy.

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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Why not buy a gift for your queer nerdy friend that was made by a queer nerdy person? Our community has made crafts, created D&D supplemental material, offered dice subscriptions, and written holiday romances! The Roar Cat Reads community is full of creative, talented people. Check out our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide below! Faerie FireContinue Reading

Sports Ball 2021 Week 11 Review

Second Blog Off: I have my final for the course I’m taking next week so won’t be able to write the Week 12 review. If anyone else would like to submit a week review, sent it to roarcatreads@gmail.com by Thursday Dec 2nd. Last Week’s Games Seacows vs Bad News Bears Sad news league, the BearsContinue Reading

Adventure Queers: Meet Shannon Campbell!

*Picture drawn by Michelle Ramos Shannon Campbell (they/them) is a writer, editor, and game developer from Vancouver, BC. Website You have been editor for two books of D&D 5e supplemental material, Faerie Fire and Witch + Craft. When did you begin playing D&D?  Do you play or GM (or both)? What do you love mostContinue Reading

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  • Vancouver Pride Queer Book Panel

    February 23, 2022

  • Rainbow Refugee D&D Livestream Charity Event 2.0

    March 12, 2022

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Roar Cat Reads is a queer, nerdy community based in Vancouver and beyond. We connect, entertain, and celebrate our queer nerdy selves.