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Roar Cat Reads is a Vancouver-based community that celebrates all things queer and nerdy.

IT’s Charity Event time!

On Saturday, October 29th, we’re hosting our third queer-led online charity event to raise $4,000 for Rainbow Refugee. With D&D sessions, a book panel, live art, and a silent auction, there are many ways you help us raise money for a good cause!

Common Sense & Sensibility: A Regency Lady TTRPG


“It is exceedingly well known that the life of a lady is far from easy. Death raises its grisly visage at every turn: whether from shawl insufficiency or too many novels, a Regency-era lady can never be too cautious.”

In this TTRPG character funnel, Regency ladies will test their delicate mettle and try to stay alive. This handbook lays out the game’s core rules, character creation instructions, and a list of the surprisingly mundane events that can test a lady’s constitution.

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  • Walking Across Middle-Earth
  • D&D One Shot | Owlbears: Fierce Foe or Fearsome Friend?
  • RPG One Shot | School Sucks: A High School Horror Adventure

The Three Most Popular Blog Posts This Month

Black Sails Episode Reviews

“Detailed reviews of every episode of Black Sails, the intersectional queer tv show you’ve always wanted, along with guest posts and essays. Comments and interactions are very welcome!”

TTRPG: High School Sucks!

“If you are a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you will love this D&D adventure created by Roar Cat Reads full of nods and winks to the Buffyverse. Robert Flutie Memorial High School is having a strange Halloween – vampires have overrun the school hallways, and it’s up to a group of plucky teenagers to find the ritual items that will stop the master vampire from rising!”

D&D: Reviewing White Plum Mountain

Reviewing White Plume Mountain D&D

I loved how creative the dungeon is; it is full of riddles, puzzles, and traps to navigate. It really brought out the creativity in my players, and they used their skills and spells in unique ways to survive. Sometimes TOO unique!

DM’s Pocket Guide

Our podcast for D&D 5e players and DMs who want to level up their knowledge in nine minutes or less.

Since beginning in March 2021, Roar Cat Reads has:

  • Raised $7,287 for Rainbow Refugee with two D&D livestream charity events.
  • Launched our podcast, DM’s Pocket Guide.
  • Run event panels for Vancouver Pride Society, Dungeons & Do-Gooders, and Terminal City Tabletop Convention.
  • Started a vibrant Discord community to discuss books, games, and pets.
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