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At Roar Cat Reads, we celebrate queer nerdy people by sharing our stories.

Adventure Queers: Meet Shannon Campbell!

*Picture drawn by Michelle Ramos Shannon Campbell (they/them) is a writer, editor, and game developer from Vancouver, BC. Website You have been editor for two books of D&D 5e supplemental material, Faerie Fire and Witch + Craft. When did you begin playing D&D?  Do you play or GM (or both)? What do you love mostContinue Reading

Meet Cheryl Stone, Co-Host of the Spice Invaders Podcast!

Cheryl Stone (she/her) is one of the hosts of Spice Invaders and is generally into science fiction and how we navigate nostalgia. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Listen to the podcast here. Cheryl, you co-host the podcast Spice Invaders. What can you tell us about the show? Spice Invaders is an obsessive history of theContinue Reading

Adventure Queers: Meet Alina Pete!

I’m Alina Pete (they/them). I’m nehiyaw (Cree), from Little Pine First Nations in Saskatchewan, though I currently live on unceded Kwantlen land in Surrey, BC. You can check out my portfolio at, my webcomic at, my Instagram at @alinapete_art, and my twitter is @alinapete. Alina, you currently play an orc with fabulous pink hair in the TwitchContinue Reading

Adventure Queers: Meet Halli Starling!

Halli Starling (she/her) writes fantasy worlds, vampires, and romance, focusing on stories with deep emotional investment. And the occasional bloody bit of violence. Website | Twitter Halli, you are currently a GM for Terrible Party, group that streams TTRPGs, video games, and charity events. Can you tell us a little about the show? We’re anContinue Reading

Adventure Queers: Meet Rachel Bellavia!

I’m Rachel (she/they), an ace and genderqueer book nerd. I’m a librarian by education, working for a library software company. In my free time, I read and talk about books, including co-hosting a Tolkien podcast (@toreadtolkien), and I watch lots of sports. You can find me on Twitter over at @sir_rachel! How long have youContinue Reading

Adventure Queers: Meet Tricia McGarrah!

Tricia McGarrah (she/her) is one half of Roar Cat Reads (along with Rachel). She writes the book reviews and tv recaps, and her favorite part running this site is hearing and telling the stories of fellow Adventure Queers. Tricia, what made you want to start playing D&D? I have always been a pretty big nerd,Continue Reading


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