Charity Event Special Items

Gift a player a unique magic item!

When you donate at one of the levels below, include a message that lists 1) what item you would like to choose, and 2) which GM or player you would like to give it to. We will make sure they have the item to play with on the day of the livestream!

If you’re not fluent in D&D lingo but want to donate and add to the fun,
let us know and we’ll gift something appropriate!

$25 Donation

1 of the following Common Items

Gender Affirming Garment
Common Item
Available as a binder or as prosthetic breasts, this garment gives a +1 to AC. The gender euphoria that comes from wearing the item grants the wearer advantage on one roll of their choice.

Clutch of Holding
Common Item
Purse first, adventurers!  This fashionable accessory can hold up to 500 pounds of items.

Hat of Disguise
Common Item
Appearing as a snapback, beanie, or hat of choice, the wearer of this headgear can cast Disguise Self three times per long rest.

$50 Donation

1 of the following Uncommon Items

Snappy Fan of Revelation
Uncommon Item
Grant yourself advantage on Perception checks by pulling out this Snappy Fan to focus and fan yourself while searching the area.  The crack of its opening will result in a disadvantage to Stealth checks.

Dual Wield Chapstick/Lipstick
Uncommon Item
For the adventurer that’s ready for any occasion, this double-sided chapstick and lipstick combo grants an advantage to Constitution saving throws when donning chapstick and advantage to Charisma saving throws when donning lipstick.

Disco Ball of Illumination
Uncommon Item
This glittery disco ball is a must-have for any adventurer delving into dark places. Illuminating the area 60 feet around it, this is the perfect item for a party or a dungeon crawl.

$75 Donation

1 of the following
Rare Items

Heroes’ Brunch
Rare Item
The bearer of this empty mimosa glass can cast “Heroes’ Brunch” once per long rest.  By speaking its command word (“Mimosas?”), an enormous brunch for up to 20 adventurers spills forth.

Glamoured Leather Armor
Rare Item
Try something new with this armor that grants +1 AC to its wearer.  By uttering its Command Word (as determined by the wearer), the armor can change its appearance to the wearer’s preference.

$100 Donation

1 of the following Wondrous Items

Reading Glasses
Wondrous Item
When wearing these frames, an adventurer gains insight into the weaknesses of one creature within sight and can cast Vicious Mockery twice per short rest.

Boots of Lesbian Power
Wondrous Item
Hulking boots like these can only be worn by the most powerful adventurers.  They grant +2 Strength to anyone strong enough to wear them.

Big Box of Rainbow Colours
Wondrous Item
Adventurers can use these rainbow-hued paints to create physical, tangible items when they concentrate their queer creativity into their painting.

NOTE: To guarantee that your donation will alter the course of the livestream,
your donation must be finalized by Friday, March 11th.

Contact Roar Cat Reads if you have any questions.