Former Charity Events

Did you miss one of our charity events? No problem!

Watch D&D sessions below:

charity event session 1 gm alina pete
Murder at the Goth Club

A motley group of adventurers have come to the Revenant Club, the city’s finest goth club, to dance, brood and blow off some steam. But little do they know that a great mystery awaits them…as well as a MURDER! Join us for this comedic investigation, featuring characters randomly created during episodes of Let Me Tell You About My Character.

Feudal Attraction

Weddings are stressful at the best of times, but at the union of these two feuding families, guests will be lucky to survive! Join the group to see if true love will prevail, chaos will reign, or more likely, a bit of both.

charity event session 3 gm allonte barakat
Ful-Sinn Faire

Welcome one and all to this once in a lifetime interdimensional event, The Ful-Sinn Faire! Here we shall celebrate the uniqueness of you, my dear performers, on the stage, and out loud for the whole multiverse to hear. Will you let your star shine bright and take your place in the big tent? Or will you have your color sapped away and merely be a sideshow?

“Feastivle” Murder Mystery

A mystery worthy of Agatha Christie unfolds when a small town’s sacred tree begins inexplicably wilting. One night, a townsfolk goes missing, and our adventurers are hired to solve the case!

Brunch Boogaloo

Rumours of the Magic Tipsy Dream Grill, a brunch restaurant so exclusive that no one knows its location, have been circulating in the city for years. Self-replenishing mimosas. An eggs benny you would kill a man for. A chair for your purse.

You had always assumed it was a myth, but information has recently come to light that it is real. Your source has told you that members are given special items that reveal the location two hours before opening, which grant admission to the wearer and four guests. Two people who will definitely have one? Town socialites and power couple Elrik and Tybris von Sorenson.

Tonight, Elrik and Tybris will be hosting their annual Gala, and all of the town’s most elite and wealthy will be there. Your objective? Crash the gala, steal the item, and make it out undetected. Tomorrow, you brunch.

Goblins Gone Wrong

Gnaalbec goblins take their masks very seriously. It shows that an individual is an active, adult member of the tribe. All Gnaalbec goblins make their own masks from materials found in The Hunter Trials. Masks are worn to go to war, to hunt, or on special events. Special Events like tonight, when a Squib goblin can build their mask and become a Hunter.