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Roar Cat Reads is a community based in Vancouver and beyond that celebrates all things queer and nerdy.

Common Sense & Sensibility: A Regency Lady TTRPG


“It is exceedingly well known that the life of a lady is far from easy. Death raises its grisly visage at every turn: whether from shawl insufficiency or too many novels, a Regency-era lady can never be too cautious.”

In this TTRPG character funnel, Regency ladies will test their delicate mettle and try to stay alive. This handbook lays out the game’s core rules, character creation instructions, and a list of the surprisingly mundane events that can test a lady’s constitution.

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Queer Books

Over 100+ reviews of books written by or about LGBTQIA2S+ people.

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LGBTQ+ Books

10 Underrated LGBTQ+ Books

“In general, queer literature tends to get less press than other genres, although increasingly, LGBTQ+ stories are getting the attention they deserve. Still, many excellent books are underrated on Goodreads (aka have less than 5,000 ratings). I wanted to give them a little extra love, and I hope you will too!

Community Events

Rainbow Refugee Interview

“Olga and Natasha Vernev are local business owners in Vancouver.  Together, they own The Great Canadian Dog Cakes where they make healthy dog food as well as beautiful dog cakes and cookies.  Their path here has not been easy.  As a lesbian couple in Russia, they fled persecution to Thailand and Cambodia before eventually immigrating to Canada with the help of Rainbow Refugee.”

Black Sails

“In 210, everything has changed.  Despite the corruption in England that led to Thomas’s death and James and Miranda’s exile, Flint believed that there was still good in civilization.  This hope is personified in Peter Ashe.  Despite being an avid pirate-killer, Flint believes he can convince Ashe to see a bigger picture of humanity and hope that will influence a change in civilization.  But in Peter Ashe, Flint realizes that civilization doesn’t change, it just reveals deeper corruptions than previously imagined.

DM’s Pocket Guide

Our podcast for D&D 5e players and DMs who want to level up their knowledge in nine minutes or less.

Since beginning in March 2021, Roar Cat Reads has:

  • Raised $9,826 for Rainbow Refugee with three queer and nerdy livestream charity events.
  • Launched our podcast, DM’s Pocket Guide.
  • Run event panels for Vancouver Pride Society, Dungeons & Do-Gooders, and Terminal City Tabletop Convention.
  • Started a vibrant Discord community to discuss books, games, and pets.
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