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Common Sense & Sensibility: A Regency Lady TTRPG

For fans of Pride & Prejudice

“It is exceedingly well known that the life of a lady is far from easy. Death raises its grisly visage at every turn: whether from shawl insufficiency or too many novels, a Regency-era lady can never be too cautious.”

In this TTRPG character funnel, Regency ladies will test their delicate mettle and try to stay alive. This handbook lays out the game’s core rules, character creation instructions, and a list of the surprisingly mundane events that can test a lady’s constitution.


Common Sense & Sensibility will be revamped as DEATH BECOMES HER in a booklet that includes all previously released material + 3 previously unreleased adventures.

School Sucks! A High School Horror Adventure

For fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

If you are a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you will love this 31-page PDF D&D adventure created by Rachel and Tricia that is full of nods and winks to the Buffyverse.

Set in Cleveland, Ohio, the Robert Flutie Memorial High School is having a strange Halloween – vampires have overrun the school hallways, and it’s up to your group of plucky teenagers to find the ritual items that will stop the master vampire from rising!

Owlbears: Fierce Foe or Fearsome Friend?

For animal lovers

A D&D 5e adventure for a level 3 party.

Beccan Morcom is the village leader of Coniston, a small mountain farming community tucked within a lush valley. She has put out a call for hunters and adventurers to clear the surrounding area of owlbears that have grown aggressive of late, killing the village goats and attacking Talwyn as she hunted for healing plants at the ruins outside of town.

Our adventurers are late to answer Beccan’s call for aid. As they make their way toward Coniston, they are stopped by Willem McPhearson, an owlbearologist intent on studying the creatures in this area. Just as he is telling them of the inherent majesty of owlbears, a cry of agony echoes through the forest, followed by a triumphant hoot.

Senseless monsters or threatened creatures? Our adventurers must decide for themselves whether they want to help Coniston’s villagers, or the owlbears. Or maybe, with the right approach, peace can be restored between man and nature.

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