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February 18, 2023

Hosting Introvert Hour of Vancouver Pride Society’s Unicorn Disco in Vancouver.

March 4, 2023

4th biannual Rainbow Refugee livestream charity event on Twitch.

Rainbow Refugee Livestream Charity Event

October 2022

GM Dana runs Belle of the Bloodmoon.

Author, librarian, book seller, and book blogger run Queer Book Haul Panel.

GM Allonté runs To Live or to Dine.

GM Stephanie runs Haunted Mansion.

Rainbow Refugee D&D Livestream Charity Event

March 2022

GM Alina runs Murder at the Goth Club.

GM Tricia runs Feudal Attraction.

GM Allonté runs The Ful-Sinn Faire.

Vancouver Pride Society’s Pop Up Pride Book Panel

With guests Danny Ramadan, Tanya Boteju, and Michelle Osgood.

February 2022

Rainbow Refugee D&D Livestream Charity Event

October 2021

GM Tory runs “Feastivle” Murder Mystery.

GM Stephanie runs Brunch Boogaloo.

GM Tim runs Goblins Gone Wrong.

Other Events Include:

  • Introvert Hour at the Unicorn Ball with Vancouver Pride Society (May 2022)
  • Beyond D&D: Expanding Your TTRPG Options Panel with Terminal City Tabletop Convention (March 2022)
  • Queer DMs of D&DG Panel with Dungeons & Do-Gooders (February 2022)

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