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Wow, that finale!! Here’s your warning – go no further if you want to avoid spoilers for the entire season of WandaVision on Disney+.

I have to admit, I stopped watching WandaVision after it’s first two episodes. I admired the 50s TV pastiche, but it wasn’t exactly gripping despite hints that more was happening. Of course, it was immediately after that point that the show got interesting, with color and twins and characters being forcibly thrown into the real world. The internet lured me back, and by episode 5 I was watching each week, desperate to know more.

Can I add a brief aside to say how much fun it’s been to watch a show that comes out weekly? It took me awhile to set aside my binge-watching tendencies, but I found I really loved the agony of waiting, getting to read theories and reviews online, and letting each episode settle before heading into the next one.

I have pretty much loved everything about this show. Watching their lives cycle through tv decades became more enjoyable as they hit on eras I was more familiar with, and I screamed, “That IS how shows used to be!” more than once. The different introductions and theme songs alone should win them an Emmy.

I also loved all of the interesting, fully developed female characters, from Wanda to Monica to Agnes to Darcy. I do wish we had gotten a little more from Monica in the end, since it felt like she was being set up to participate in the finale a bit more. But I will forgive them if she gets the role she deserves in the upcoming Captain Marvel film. Agnes was delightful, and obviously the whole internet loves Kathryn Hahn, so I don’t think I have more to add here.

The person I really want to talk about is Wanda. I always liked her because she was a woman in a Marvel movie, but I can’t say I ever truly connected to her. My heart broke during the scene where she must kill Vision only to see him brought back and killed again, but it was more because of the drama than because of an attachment to their relationship. But now! This show gave us everything that Wanda deserved, and I loved getting inside of her head.

Wanda’s moral complexity really shone here, and I loved watching her struggle with the realization that not everyone wanted to be forced into a sitcom dreamland the way she did. She’s not a hero and not a villain; she’s just a woman/supernatural cosmic entity who wants a quiet life with her husband and children.

Also, Wanda and Vision are so cute together?? I loved their conversations, their flirtations, their fights. They felt so effortlessly coupled that I couldn’t believe it took this show to get me to ship them. And the kids were pretty great, getting just enough air time and no more. I was truly shocked when all three of her constructed family members faded with the Hex; I knew from the internet that these kids of hers are true Marvel characters…will we see them again?

My god, that ending between her and Vision.

“We have said goodbye before, so it stands to reason–“
“We’ll say hello again.”

I didn’t cry, but I didn’t NOT cry, you know what I mean? I can’t wait to see her meet White Vision again and start their love story all over again.

I think the only other thing I need to say right now in the aftermath of it all is:

How hot is Scarlet Witch’s look??? She’s so gorgeous, and her outfit is the perfect example of sexy but not sexualized.

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