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Chung Chun Rice Hot Dog

This tiny corner restaurant opened a couple months ago at the corner of Robson and Denman in the West End of Vancouver. I live across the street, and every time I went by, there was an epically long line outside. Now, I love a good corn dog, but what could possibly be so amazing as to warrant that kind of time commitment?

Cut to: Me eating my first Chung Chun Rice Hot Dog and forsaking all other hot dog creations for the rest of my life. This shit is GOOD.

I got to work from home one Friday, and I figured this was my chance to avoid the huge lines. There are two: one to walk in and place your order, at which point you join the line on the other side of the door to wait for your order number to be called. I was able to go with no wait to enter the small space, where I ordered the Sausage-tteok (Rice cake) Hotdog and Rachel got a Mozzarella Cheese Hotdog. All of the corn dogs come with a special breading made of “sticky rice in dough that fermented for 120 minute every morning,” according to their website, though some additionally have potato or ramen added to the breading.

Guys! It was absolutely delicious! The Mozzarella Cheese Hotdog is half cheese, half hot dog, and when Rachel bit into the cheese it had the most appealing cheese pull I’ve ever seen. I can only imagine it tasted as good based on the fact that she refused to share.

Totally fair, because I wasn’t about to give up one bite of my Sausage-tteok Hotdog. Nor did I give up the second one I ate less than a week later. I am stuck in the deliciously terrible situation of having loved the first thing I ever ate at Chung Chun, and now I don’t want to try anything else. Which is a pity, because that ramen corn dog is looking pretty good…

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