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Hiking the Baden Powell Trail

From Lynn Canyon to Deep Cove

One of Rachel’s goals is to hike the entire Baden Powell Trail in North Vancouver, which stretches 45.5 km from Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove. There is no way that we are capable of doing this in one go, so we’re breaking it into chunks. Last fall we hiked from Grouse Mountain to Lynn Canyon (before the blog, so no written record), and today we knocked off another section, from Lynn Headwaters Regional Park to Deep Cove!

Distance from Vancouver: 16 km

NOTE: This is a point-to-point trail. You will need to park on one end and arrange transportation to get you back to where you started.

Length: 16.5 km
Elevation Gain: 600 m
Time: 5 hours

Our stats

First things first: 16 km is longer than you think! Because we started at Lynn Canyon, we were going downhill for most of the first couple hours of our hike. I was feeling very cocky until we paused for water. “We’ve got to be almost done, right?” I asked. No. We were only a third of the way along the trail, and spoilers! The rest was not as easy.

This is labeled an intermediate trail, and while most of it is tended very nicely with platforms, steps – you know, hiking for dummies stuff – there is a section that is a lot more scrabbling up the trail and hoping you’re still on the trail. If I hadn’t already hiked 10 km, I probably would have found it enjoyable to hop from rock to branch. But my knees were tired, and it felt like it took forever to break past the halfway point of the hike.

However, the hike is truly beautiful. There are bridges over waterfalls and rapids, pools, forests full of green, backyards to make you jealous, and the occasional open space to keep the views fresh. As I write this, it is early spring, and the bright green mosses and tiny budding flowers along the trail reminded me why I love living in Vancouver. This trail is definitely worthy of attempting.

By the time we got to Deep Cove, we were exhausted. This trail was a stretch for us, but wow did we feel proud of ourselves by the end!

The Out of Shape Hiker’s Statistics

Can you take your grandma on this trail? No. In addition to being long, there are some sections (mentioned above) that are not paved, and it is difficult terrain.

Does the trail have Instagram picture spots? Yes. In addition to general BC forest beauty, there are overlooks in front of rivers and waterfalls, and the Quarry Rock overlook in Deep Cove is part of the hike.

How many times did we get passed? Five. Normal hikers passed us, older hikers passed us, and towards the end, we shared the trail with mountain bikers and runners. We did pass one group, though, so we’re not the most out of shape!

Is the trail dog friendly? Yes. Dogs are allowed on leashes throughout, and off for some sections. However, many people had dogs offleash throughout.

Challenge Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Have you hiked the Baden Powell trail from Lynn Canyon to Deep Cove?
Leave a comment and let me know about your experience!

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