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James and Thomas (Spoilers through Black Sails 205 – XIII)

I’m trying to be as non-spoilery as possible in my episode reviews, but I needed a place to vent all my James/Thomas feelings, for they are many.  Organized by episode, these are the fragmented thoughts that I wanted to share, but couldn’t before 205’s revelation.

Episode 201 – IX

  • Thomas is HARD CORE checking James out when he first sees him, and combined with the fact that we later learn he’s already done research on James and heard about his brilliance, I can only assume his brain is screaming, “He’s talented, literate, AND HOT?  OMG OMG.”  Same, Thomas, same.

Thomas:  You are a rising star with a bright future in the Admiralty.  You can understand my concern.
James:  Not really.  Perhaps my lack of education is showing.

  • Thomas’s face when James cracks a joke!!  He is so smitten.
  • At the hanging, we see the attraction is returned when Thomas says, “I’ll assume that was a no” and James smirks in appreciation.
  • Love is founded on a shared sense of humor and an alliance to solve the problem of Nassau.  ❤

Episode 202 – X

  • James looks DECIDEDLY uncomfortable when Thomas stands and walks around his desk to speak more closely.  Hot man approaching, alert! alert!
  • James’s conversation with Hennessey in the tavern ONLY reads as “Dad, I can’t wait for you to meet this boy that I met!” to me.

“He isn’t mad.  He’s just bright, determined, wealthy, all at the same time.”

  • Careful James, your swoon is showing!
  • I mean, really, as he’s talking about Thomas’s salons, and he accidentally lets slip the first name faux pas, but even that just leads him to talking more about how awesome Thomas is??  GAH.

Episode 203 – XI

  • This episode is light on Thomas and James, but what we get is indicative of the things that knit them together – changing the world for the better and snarky humor.
  • We already knew that Marcus Aurelius = Flint, and now we know that Don Quixote = Thomas.  I need to read both of these classics immediately.
  • I cannot understand the part of fandom that hates on Miranda.  She is so smart and sexy in this episode.  It’s clear that James is attracted to people who see and accept the dark wildness within him.  Right now, that’s Miranda, and I am here for it!

Episode 204  – XII

  • I assume James’s arrival at the Hamilton’s estate is his first visit after sleeping with Miranda, because he seems VERY worried that this will have negatively affected his relationship with Thomas.
  • James does the same eye-flicking all over Thomas that he did with Miranda.
  • I am so in love with how much Thomas values James as a complementary partner – he trusts that James will talk him out of any bad ideas until his plan is perfect.  AND SPEAKING OF TRUST.

Thomas:  These past few months, I have come to trust you.  *meaningful look*  Very much.

  • James’s eyes are screaming NO as Thomas lays out his plans to his father.  He knows this will end badly, and he wants to protect Thomas but respects him too much to contradict him.
  • Lord Hamilton is trying to come in between Thomas and James, but every time he tries to drive a wedge between them, it just bolsters James’s irrational desire to DEFEND THOMAS NO MATTER THE COST.

James:  I support it.  I find his argument persuasive.  I find his intent to be good and true, and I find yours wanting, sir.


James:  People can say what they want about you, but you’re a good man.  More people should say that, and someone should be willing to defend it.

  • No WONDER Thomas felt the need to make out with James immediately.  But we don’t see that until the next episode!

Episode 205 – XIII

  • Since it was no longer spoilery, I fangirled hard in my official review of Ep 205.  But let’s relive the highlights, shall we?
  • The way James shies away, looking up in confusion because is this really happening??  Thomas is so gentle, giving James enough space to pull away, but NOPE IT’S HAPPENING, and the slow way they give themselves permission to touch each other’s jaws and waists.
  • The flashback within a flashback as James remembers the best times he had with Thomas, and by best times I mean reading to each other in bed!!! THESE TWO.  It still hurts to think of how happy they both look, how peaceful.
  • I don’t want to talk about how it all falls apart.  THIS IS A HAPPY ONLY POST, I’ve just decided.

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