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Rory aka Roar Cat’s 10th Birthday!

Roar Cat Reads is named after our cat Rory, who today celebrates being the cutest little guy for ten whole years!

Rory was Tricia’s cat originally, born a farm cat in central Illinois. After the death of their family dog, she went to the house of a family she used to babysit to hang out with their kittens (it was a farm; there were always kittens). There were two new cats that were just three months old. One was standoffish, and the other curled up in her arms. She took the cuddly one home and named him Rory after the Doctor Who character who, cat-like, died and came back to life on the regular.

When Tricia moved to Texas, Rory moved with her. When she moved to Greece, he stayed behind with her parents. But after an entire year, when she came home for Christmas, he ran to her and followed her everywhere. Cats are the actual best. When Tricia moved to Vancouver, she brought Rory with her for a terrifying four days in the car. They lived together happily until she was laid off and kicked out her home, so he lived with Tricia’s friend Ken for three months while she found a cat-friendly apartment. Tricia, Rachel, and Rory all moved in together in July 2020, and will hopefully stay in one place for a long time to come!

I say all of this because Rory is the most adaptable cat I’ve ever met. Every time I moved him, I worried I would ruin his sweet disposition, but he remains one of the friendliest cats in the world. In honor of his 10th birthday, here are 10 of my favorite pictures of Rory aka Roar Cat.

1 comment on “Rory aka Roar Cat’s 10th Birthday!

  1. My cats name is Rory too.


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