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Sports Ball 2021 Week 3 Review

by Rachel

Last Week’s Games

Seacows vs Replacements

This was a close one, coming right down to Monday. Zeke had his first big game of the season but a late TD pass and an uncompetitive game gave the replacements their first win. Both teams are 1-2.

Euasian Collared Doves vs Real Slim Brady

This was another close game between the Real Slim Bradys and the Doves. It once again came down to Davante Adams who had 31 points on the night and a chance to win it for the ECD on the last play but it was not to be. The Real Slim Bradys are the team to beat right now at 3-0 and upcoming teams might have an easier time of it with star running back and first round pick McCaffrey out with in injury.

Bad News Bears vs Beards R’ Us

Bad News Bears with back to back top scores and this week comfortably by 25 points. No one is looking forward to seeing the bears on their schedule right now. Beards had a respectable score but couldn’t quite pull it off like an unconvincing college goatee. 

Battling Finger Puppets vs Fire Pandas

It was a sad vacation day evening on Monday with both the McAdams teams having a chance in the Monday night games but falling short. I wouldn’t say the vacation was ruined but there was certainly a lot of sulking from Tricia’s end of the couch. Carrie and the Battling Finger Puppets build some momentum for a very tantalizing match up this week.

Team Sorto vs Purple Moose

It was also a disappointing Monday for Team Sorto, with a potentially game winning 37 points from Josh Allen on the bench, all hopes rested on Jalen Hurts and Miles Sanders, and while Hurts was able to put up 20 point somehow by the end of the game, team Sorto was still short. The Moose march on to 3-0.

Standings After Week 3

Each division has a clear leader with the Purple Moose and Real Slim Brady having 3-0 records. With a win last week the replacements leave Team Sorto bottom of the pack. The rest battle it out in mediocrity.

The Chart (of Lies)

Two monster weeks and the Bad News Bears displace Real Slim Brady for the projected top spot. It seems the chart believes the Bradys losing CMC is going to tank their season but I’m sure at 3-0, Krista would disagree. Also at 3-0 the Purple Moose were forgiven this week and see a bump up to projected third place.

Beards have put down the xbox controller and are making their way out of the basement, but is it just a short trip to get more snacks?

Possibly the most surprising move on the chart this week, Team Sorto is predicted 2nd place despite a 0-3 record, the chart believes in an epic come back, and for once I hope this is not a lie.

Preview of This Week’s Games

Real Slim Brady vs Super Seacows

Despite the CMC injury, Real Slim Brady is the favorite going in to this match up but Tom Brady is on the opposing bench and heading back to New England for one of the most anticipated games of the season. The Seacows will be hoping to ride what will hopefully be an epic performance to hand the Bradys their first loss.

Finger Puppets vs Bad News Bears

The first of the big rivalry games this season, and it comes at a great time. Bad News Bears have all the momentum going in to this game and are given a 4 point advantage over the Battling Finger Puppets. 

ECD vs Team Sorto

The chart is predicting team Sorto to string some wins together and perhaps the first (of many) will come this week. The Doves have been quiet through the last two weeks, almost as if a dark cloth had been draped over their bird cage. Pull back the cover, John, and let the doves out.

Beards vs Replacements

Fresh off their first win, the replacements will be looking to cruise on up the standings if they can take down the Beards this week, both teams are 1-2 on the season. This matchup is a new household rivalry for the league and the Beards are heavy favorites (according to the app).

Fire Pandas vs Purple Moose

Can anyone stop these Moose? After trampling the replacements, Doves and team Sorto, the Purple Moose will be looking to charge down the Fire Pandas this week.

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