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Sports Ball 2021 Week 14 Review

Last Week’s Games

Seacows Vs Team Sorto

A tie. Well not really, Team Sorto was deemed to be the greatest courtesy of the massive hoard of points on their bench. But glancing at the scores, 126.32 – 126.32 is quite an accomplishment. Luckily we don’t have to wait long for these teams to play again.

the replacements vs Purple Moose

Amy managed to right the ship this week, putting up 141 points to beat the Purple Moose and secure their playoff spot. 

Beards vs Fire Pandas

For a long time this weekend it looked like the Beards were ready to be ignited. Instead, the Panda’s soft glow highlighted the the manicured facial landscape that was the Beards’ week 14 performance.

Real Slim Brady vs Eurasian Collared Doves

Krista had two of her key players return to form and lead Real Slim Brady to victory with Kamara and Chase turning it on just in time for the playoffs. I doubt John noticed that his team lost last week as he was busy welcoming the newest member of his family to the world. Baby Mermista…sorry, Mallory, you have joined us just in time for playoffs! Will your first word be (an incredibly early) coo?

Bad News Bears vs Battling Finger Puppets

It really looked for a while like Kupp and Connor might pull off an unlikely win for Carrie. Unfortunately, the rest of the team just left too much work to be done, and Jonathan was victorious once again. The chart lied, but are we really surprised?

Final Regular Season Standings

Dear Falkowski, this blog has made a lot of fun of you and wished for your demise on an almost weekly basis, but I would like to take this opportunity to say congratulations on finishing first in the regular season! Your masterfully drafted and crafted team tore through the competition like a bear through a fly sheet. Your two losses pale in comparison to your mighty hoard of twelve wins. I would like to award you with…oh wait, we’re in North America, there is no trophy for the arguably harder task of finishing first in the regular season, it’s all about the playoffs here! But still, good job!

Preview of This Week’s Games

Seacows vs Team Sorto

One of them will win, one of them will lose, they will perhaps draw again. The battle for number one (pick) begins.

Eurasian Collared Doves vs Bad News Bears

Russell Wilson is back in at QB for the Doves and many of their players have been trending up. The Doves will need to be firing on both wings to bring down the Bad News Bears and keep the playoff dream alive.

Purple Moose vs Fire Pandas

These two teams are tied at one win each in their regular season matchups. Memorably the Fire Pandas broke the Moose’s win streak in week 4 and most recently in week 12 the Moose got their revenge. This meeting will break the tie and decide who will progress to round 2.

Beards vs Real Slim Brady

Another team that is tied in regular season matchups, the Beards won the last meeting in a landslide, but the projection favors Real Slim Brady.

Replacements vs Finger Puppets

The replacements strategy should now be to score all the points all the time and they will need to – the Battling Finger Puppets are projected to score 130 points and are the favorite in this match up.

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