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Caradhras Milestone Reached!

Tricia walked 19 miles this week | 1033 miles to Mordor

Walking Across Middle-Earth

Week 32: I Made it to Caradhras!

When I made Walking Across Middle-Earth, I intentionally included some short journeys between milestones to counterbalance some of these massive distances (250 miles between Rivendell and Hollin!!). This was one of those short jaunts, because the poor Fellowship started up a mountain and then decided it was too hard. Relatable.

I had originally thought that I would hike the Grouse Grind during this section of the walk, but it’s cold and dreary here in Vancouver, so while that actually makes it perfect, I just couldn’t muster the energy or interest. The closest I got to representing Caradhras was accidentally being in Victoria when it snowed, which is, maybe, kind of treacherous.

Now I’m on working on 68 miles to Moria…will I treat myself by visiting a mine?

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