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Roar Cat Reads Turns 2!

Today marks the two year anniversary of Roar Cat Reads!

So much has happened since I launched this site on March 4, 2021. What started as a creative outlet during Covid has turned into a vibrant community of queer nerds that plays games together, recommends books, and hosts charity events together. I am so grateful for everything that came from Roar Cat Reads, and I’m really proud of what has been done in just a two year time period.

Charity Events

Today is our 4th charity event raising money for Rainbow Refugee (seriously, if you’re reading this on March 4th, hop over to Twitch to watch us hosting live!). In previous events, you’ve helped us raise $9,826, and today we hope to raise another $2,000.

After our first charity events, Rachel and I wanted to get more involved with Rainbow Refugee. We joined Prism Collective, a group of six people who have been matched with an LGBTQ+ refugee. We’re working to raise $25,000 to fund this refugee’s first year in Vancouver. When that is done and they move here, we’re also committed to helping them for their first year with housing, jobs, and finding community.

This has been such a cool thing to become a part of, and it wouldn’t have happened without Roar Cat Reads.

Book Reviews

I’ve run many book review blogs, but this is the first that is specifically dedicated to queer books. As of this date, I’ve reviewed 115 books, all of which you can find here.

Streaming and Podcasts

Over the past two years, Rachel and I have found our creative interests meandering across various platforms. In addition to blogging, we’ve shared our queer nerdy thoughts in the following places:

  • DM’s Pocket Guide Podcast, where we take one rule, spell, or monster from D&D 53 and discuss it in nine minutes or less.
  • Twitch Affiliate, where Rachel streams simulator video games regularly and occasionally we stream TTRPGs
  • YouTube Playlists, where we’ve archived previous charity events, Tricia’s play through of Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core, and queer book panels.

Blog Series

Ko-Fi TTRPG Products

When we finish a significant creative project, we share it on Ko-Fi for free! While donations are always hugely appreciated, we love sharing the stories and projects that we dream up.

Owlbears: Fearsome Foe or Fierce Friend? D&D Adventure


Common Sense & Sensibility, a Regency Lady TTRPG


School Sucks: a Supernatural High School Halloween D&D Adventure


Walking Across Middle-earth


The Tome of Ireena Kolyana


Beyond Roar Cat Reads

We’ve had the honour of sharing our queer nerdy thoughts on other people’s platforms, including:

Roar Cat Reads Discord

By far my favorite thing that has come of this site is our Discord community. Rachel and I started Roar Cat Reads to connect with queer nerds in Vancouver and beyond, and this is the heart of that community. If you like any of the things that I’ve posted above, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the people and conversations happening in our Discord. Stop by and say hello!

Thank you for making these two years so much fun!
I can’t wait to see what is in our future!

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