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Rachel Ranks My 10 COVID Hair Dyes

Ranking COVID Hair Colors

When COVID first started, I was unemployed. I wasn’t going anywhere, and I didn’t even need to show my face for a work Zoom meeting. I realized I would never have a better opportunity to see what my hair would look like with colour…specifically pink, which is a hair color I have always wanted to have.

Pretty much every color was a version of L’Oreal Colorista and done at home. The bleach (three boxes in total!) was also done at home, which was a mistake.

April 15, 2020 – The First Bleach

I started the adventure on my own, throwing two boxes of bleach on my hair with an abundance of optimism. What came out was…less than ideal.

Rachel’s thoughts:

Apparently I’m dating Avril Lavigne! You look angry. Why do you hate that pirate ship? Does it enhance your emo – yeah, you’re an emo hipster! I quite like this one because I remember you coming and showing it to me and me saying, “Oh dear, we’re going to have to fix this.” It has impact value.


April 16, 2020 – The Second Bleach

I immediately went to Rachel’s with much fear and trembling. She convinced me that the only solution was another box of bleach. It did get rid of my roots, but it also made me glow.

Rachel’s Thoughts:

Oh my, I did that. It’s blonder now – it’ll pick up the colour. Look at Tricia’s face – is she excited or angry? I think she’s angry again. I did let you shave the side of my head. I think we’re even.


April 18, 2020 – The Barely Pink

For some reason I waited two whole days to add any colour. Well, the reason was fear. I had ruined my hair for the possibility of pink, and if it didn’t look good it would all be for nothing! Rachel eventually convinced me that literally anything would be better than the bleach, and she was super right.

Rachel’s Thoughts:

I like this one. It’s subtle, and the you’ve got the curly hairs that I like. It just hugs your face. It’s the same color as your face, though. Oh I see, you needed bolder makeup or something. I’ve been watching so much Drag Race, it’s like seeing Rosé before she’s done her face.


May 22, 2020 – Finally, Real Color

I kept trying the light pink boxes, and even dying over top of each other, they never quite did what I wanted them to do. By this point I was pretty sure I’d spent the last month on a failed experiment.

Rachel’s Thoughts:

Hm. *silence* It’s pink. Roots are coming in, so you’ve had it for a little while. I know it’s going to look better.


May 28, 2020 – Pink Majesty

When I tried the brighter colours, the whole adventure immediately became much more fun. I also started experimenting with dying the upper and lower layers of my hair different colours, which led to some cool effects.

Rachel’s Thoughts:

Them curls again! And it’s two-tone – different color on top than the bottom, I like that a lot. I want to see you in the sunshine, though, your car isn’t doing the top of your head any favors, my pink-maned lion.


June 30, 2020 – The Lilac

Right after I switched to purple, my PR application was approved and I could finally apply for jobs. I was super nervous going to interviews with coloured hair, but it was never an issue. Vancouver – a great city!

Rachel’s Thoughts:

I like this one. Once you started getting roots you went away from the bright colors, which was smart. You chose a good color shirt for this picture. Wait, it’s the same pirate ship! Not angry anymore, are you!?


August 2, 2020 – The Roots, They Are A-Growing

For the next couple months, I kept up my purples and pinks and fretted about my ever increasing roots. I could never quite work up the courage to bleach them for fear of the chaos of colours that would result.

Rachel’s Thoughts:

This is on Pride Day! You look very 60s-ish. Yeah, those roots, they are a-growing.


September 12, 2020 – Masked and Fabulous

When I knew I was going to dye my hair brown again to match my roots, I decided to give it one last hooray with two boxes of the brightest pink. It turned out to be one of my favorite looks, and it blended with the roots pretty well.

Rachel’s Thoughts:

Yeaaaahhhh. Deepest maroon! I like your cactuses too. Oh! The shirt is the same color as your mask – you’re a medical delight.


November 14, 2020 – The Ombre

I kept this up for MONTHS. Bright pink with more and more natural hair coming in. I would have liked if the line between brown and pink was a little less harsh, but overall I enjoyed this lewk.

Rachel’s Thoughts:

Your roots became real hair! I like this a lot now that it’s growing out.


January 18, 2020 – The Underblue

Everyone always asked if I was going to try a colour other than pink or purple, but I was too nervous to dye my entire head of hair blue or green. Instead, I dyed the top half of my hair my natural colour and dyed the bottom half blue.

Rachel’s Thoughts:

This is a great face. I don’t see this face enough; what emotion is it that you’re feeling here? You’re kind of pouting, but you’re also glaring at me. Blue is a great choice at this point – light brown with darker underneath. It’s been more subtle since you’ve done the blue.


Today – The Remnants

One year later, my hair was brittle and frizzy after everything I had put it through. I was also a bit bored, so one weekend I went into the bathroom and chopped it all off. There is still a bit of blue underneath it all, but I’m just about back to normal. For now…

Rachel’s Thoughts:

Aww, all gone. Well, not ALL gone. The curly end parts are gone, but they’ll be back. You cut it really nicely, and it looks good. I’m excited for Bleaching Adventure 2.0: The Imbleachening.


Did you have a COVID hair adventure?
Tell me about it in the comments!

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