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2021 One Page Dungeon Entry: Medusa’s Prison

In July, Rachel wrote a blog post about her creative process in making a One Page Dungeon for the annual contest of the same name. She has finished the dungeon and is back with some final thoughts on the process and end product!

Rachel’s 2021 One Page Dungeon: Medusa’s Prison!

Dungeon complete! Start to finish, I probably spent about 12 hours on this dungeon, and I’m happy with how it turned out. I could have spent more time on it tidying up the maps, title text and background detail but at some point you just have to call it done (and that can be hard).

Looking at my finished dungeon, I could have been a bit more creative with the shape of my maps. They definitely feel like they needed another draft, but they fit with the Greek theme. I liked how I was able to organise the information on the page and bring it together with the architecture. I remember while I was playing Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey I learned that the tympanum (triangular area over the door) is the best place to have a big sculpture that tells a story, so it felt very fitting to have my adventure’s introduction in that spot. 

I haven’t run this adventure yet. That would have helped me with the text and finding any plot holes, but I didn’t have time to do this before the contest closed. I will definitely be running it soon though, so join the Roar Cat Reads Discord if you would like to play it with us.

Overall, this was a great experience for me. Having the deadline really helped me pull my finger out and get it done, and it’s always great to have a project to practise drawing skills. I am excited to see the other entries for this year’s contest, and I can’t wait to enter again next year!

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