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Sports Ball 2021 Week 11 Review

Second Blog Off: I have my final for the course I’m taking next week so won’t be able to write the Week 12 review. If anyone else would like to submit a week review, sent it to by Thursday Dec 2nd.

Last Week’s Games

Seacows vs Bad News Bears

Sad news league, the Bears aren’t in hibernation yet. They stopped on the way to the den for one last snack, and it was Seacow flavored:

*like this but if the salmon was a Manatee

Scapecow of the week continues with the theme of “I would have done better if I’d started no one,” with the proverbial algae on the Seacow hide, turning what should be a graceful cruise into an arduous slog…Tyler Bass with -1 points. 

Eurasian Collared Doves vs Beards ‘R Us

It was a close game between two teams fighting to stay out of the basement (a feat that is almost assured). The mutton chop formation got mixed up after Aaron Jones got shaved due to injury. While Dalvin Cook, Keenan Allen and Mike Evans coordinated their 20 point scores, James Robinson gave the formation it’s off-kilter look with only 11:

The Doves survived Monday night and secooored their 4th win.

Real Slim Brady vs Replacements

The replacements were due for a quiet game but Real Slim Brady were taking no chances and brought it all to this match up claiming top score of the week! They needn’t have, however, as the replacements did not waiver from their ebb and flow, ebbing only 86 points.

Fire Pandas vs Finger Puppets

Johnathan Taylor brought the heat and set the Finger Puppets felt to melting. He was, however, the only Fire the Pandas brought to the game. Carrie and the Finger Puppets firmly gripped the fire extinguisher and doused all fiery hope, claiming sole possession of top spot in the Plucky Underdogs division.

Purple Moose vs Team Sorto

The Purple Moose guaranteed themselves a spot in the playoffs with a win over Team Sorto. Moose caught a couple of the hotter performances of the week from Herbert and Swift and ended the week with a very respectable 141 points. Like much of the season, nothing went right for team Sorto in week 11. With the Doves win over the Beards moving them another game ahead, playoff qualification is all but out of reach…but there is still a chance.

Standings After Week 11

Division leaders and bitter rivals, Bad News Bears and Battling Finger Puppets line themselves up for a meeting in the playoff finals. Can they hold on to their top spots in the few remaining weeks?

The Chart (of Lies)

With each passing week the chart of lies becomes more truthful. There is no way now for the Seacows to prove it wrong without totally tanking and claiming tenth place…that’ll show you chart. 

Preview of This Week’s Games

The replacements vs Seacows

86 points last week for the replacements means 140+ this week. The Seacows know which way the tide flows and will be along for the ride this week.

Battling Finger Puppets vs Real Slim Brady

One to watch here, as two top teams who may well meet in the playoffs will get to test each other before the knockout rounds begin.

Beards ‘R Us vs Bad News Bears

Get em’ Bears…said no one except the Seacows with playoff hopes (currently 8%). The other 92% of Seacows and possibly the rest of the league want the Beards to slow the Bears roll. The first snow has fallen in the prairies, Christmas decorations are going up in my house, so seriously, when does hibernation start?

Team Sorto vs Eurasian Collared Doves

Here it is, the thing with feathers, right in front of Team Sorto…catch it, beat it, take its feathers and make them your own. 

Purple Moose vs Fire Pandas

A rematch of the unbeaten streak snapper from earlier this year. Now the teams have equal records, and both teams have qualified for the playoffs, so this one is just for pride and the title of greatest animal-based team!

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