2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Why not buy a gift for your queer nerdy friend that was made by a queer nerdy person? Our community has made crafts, created D&D supplemental material, offered dice subscriptions, and written holiday romances!

The Roar Cat Reads community is full of creative, talented people. Check out our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide below!

Twelfth Moon by Halli Starling

Available in ebook and paperback!

50% of proceeds will be donated to THE OZONE HOUSE

Elsie’s a small town with a lot of heart.

Isn’t that how most small town romance stories begin?

But this isn’t any love story – it’s several stories of love, romance, and sex. The stories cross paths and connections, age, gender, sexuality, and different kinds of relationships. Stories like that of Harriet, the owner of Twelfth Moon perfumery and adopted mother to her nephew, Nu. Harriet always figured she’d be single for the rest of her life, but Dela Atwater appearing in her shop one blustery autumn day sparks something within her. A bit of romance and longing she’d long thought buried.

With stories like this and many more, Twelfth Moon is about hope and joy and queer love in so many shapes and forms, from the author of the dark fantasy/romance novel Wilderwood (“…will shatter readers’ expectations with its bewitching complexities…” – The BookLife Prize).

Mini Monstrosities by Rachel Adams

If you’re a fan of adorable monsters, consider adding a Mini Monstrosity to your holiday wish list. These tentacled cuties are the perfect addition to your potted plant or birthday cake!

Made from polymer clay, Mini Monstrosities are available in any colour and can be purchased in small ($10) or large ($15) sizes.

Faerie Fire by Shannon Campbell with art by Haley Boros

Faerie Fire is a supplemental anthology compatible with Fifth Edition tabletop games, adding new depth and mechanics to the fairy realm. This book features over 50 new original creatures (from CR 1/4 to 19), new player options, and a module (appropriate for a party of level 5 characters). Each page is boldly illustrated with a colorful retro aesthetic, reminiscent of 80s synthwave and 90s school supplies; the book itself is bound in a high-quality hardcover with a vibrant design.

Featuring over 70 artists with a cover design by Yuko Ota, Faerie Fire is certain to be a glamorous addition to your tabletop collection.

Buy the Digital Edition

Buy the Hardcover (Second Edition)

[Download the Faerie Fire Errata – 2019]

Pages: 152
Publication date: July 2018

Adventure Dice Subscriptions by Andrea and Blair Driedger

Adventure Dice Subscription: A new or unreleased set every month. This subscription ships the same set of new/unreleased dice to each subscription in that month

Blue Box Subscription: One random set of polyhedral dice from our current collection to you each month. Dice are randomly pulled from our current inventory, which means each Blue Box subscription set is usually different!

Premium Subscription: Ships one new/unreleased set of premium polyhedral dice to you each month. Metal, wood, glass–oh my! Due to the premium nature of these dice sets, they will ship in their retail packaging to keep them safe. This is a metal tin with foam insert.

Welcome to Mina’s with art by Haley Boros

Welcome to Mina’s is all about exploring Vancouver and the people who live in it through the lens of a fictional diner: Mina’s. The book was created and edited by Cloudscape board member, Emily Lampson and features heartwarming stories of life, love, and food, all of which connects the stories characters when they enter Mina’s.  Some contributors have brought their own experiences to the book and others were inspired about moments throughout the history of Vancouver.  This book features ethnic diversity and represents all walks of life including individuals old and young, LGBTQ and people with disabilities throughout the history of the city we all love. 

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