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Walking Across Middle-Earth: Meet Pepe!

Tricia walked 18 miles this week | 1760 miles to Mordor
Rachel walked 44 miles this week | 1729 miles to Mordor

Week Two: Is Pepe Bill the Pony or Gollum?

Last week Rachel and I went to the airport to pick up Pepe the Shih Tzu; he’s the beloved pet of a Turkish family who recently immigrated to the United States. There are a lot of weird reasons why he’s spending time in Canada before reuniting with them, but the short story is that he could be spending up to six months with us (reach out on socials @roarcatreads if you want the long story).

I thought that having Pepe would mean a massive increase in miles walked, and for Rachel, that was definitely true! She takes him on an hour-long 6:00 a.m. walk, while I only take him out for bio breaks where I lose my interest in attempting a longer walk because he stops to sniff at and pee on literally everything. Hopefully I find a way to get past this, because Rachel is pulling away into the distance!

Tricia’s Tracker

Embarrassing! Last week I was all, “This was a very typical week – it’s only up from here!” And then a 4 mile decrease. Let’s check in on Rachel:

Rachel’s Tracker

Forty-four miles!! She lapped me and then some. Her early morning long walks with Pepe combined with the return of softball season mean she is one week away from our first milestone, while Tom Bombadil is not even on my horizon.

Join the Fellowship

Our Fellowship has grown by one. My brother Roy is joining the trek and has started tracking his miles and he heads out from The Shire. If you want to join us, let me know and we’ll all encourage each other as we desperately try to keep up with Rachel. “This Ring isn’t going to destroy itself,” she said when I complained. Well then. On to week three!

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