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Tom Bombadil Milestone Reached!

Tricia walked 38 miles this week | 1693 miles to Mordor
Rachel walked 42 miles this week | 1638 miles to Mordor

Walking Across Middle-Earth

Week Four: First Milestone Reached, and It Feels So Good

Since my last post, I stepped up my walking game and walked 29 miles in week three. That put me 29 miles away from the first WAM-E milestone…with a goal within reach, I power walked my way there (and further!) with 38 miles in week four!

Rachel had already reached the Tom Bombadil milestone in week three, but she waited for me to join her before celebrating. When I think of Tom Bombadil, I think of bright clothing, a beautiful lady (Tom’s wife, Goldberry), and lots of singing. Naturally, the way we celebrated was to bingewatch Ru Paul’s Drag Race!

Tricia’s Tracker

I’m taking off! It’s almost like the Black Riders and/or Old Forest had me scurrying in my furry feet.

Rachel’s Tracker

Rachel over here is putting me to shame. Walking the dog plus playing softball is basically the equivalent of riding Bill the Pony toward the horizon. She has already reached Bree, but that celebration will be covered in a future post.

Join the Fellowship

Our Fellowship has grown into a hearty band of four! We’ve got a What’sApp group message where we send encouragements to each other as we pass through Hobbiton and beyond.

If you want to join us, let me know by emailing It’s never too late to join in – we want there to be walkers at every stage of the journey!

Tag your social media photos and stories with

#rcrhobbitjourney to encourage each other!

Download maps and spreadsheets for free at our Ko-Fi shop!

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