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Adventure Queers: Dana Ebert with TPK Brewing Co.

Dana Ebert (she/her) is an openly bisexual and transgender author, game designer, and voice actor, best known for her contributions to Pathfinder 2e and Starfinder. Dana created Pathfinder’s first canonical in-world gender affirmation clinic (also boutique and day spa!), and some of her other works include OGL 5e-compatible content. You can find more information andContinue Reading

Adventure Queers: Meet Bonnie Hammond of Bits & Keys

Bonnie Hammond (she/her) is the queer, disabled, neurodivergent feminist your parents warned you about. Not quite nerdy and not quite popular growing up, Battlestar Galactica was the series that saw her transition from sleeping with geeks to actually being one. She went to school for math and tourism, spent a while as a labour activist,Continue Reading

Adventure Queers: Meet Nicole!

Hi, my name is Nicole (She/Her). I am a multipotentialite, world-traveler, podcaster, aspiring comedian, and nerd just trying to make the best of life in this mortal realm. One of my favorite pastimes is getting together with friends and playing board games or D&D, it’s a great way to connect with others and disconnect fromContinue Reading

Jade Adventure Queer Fallen Stars

Adventure Queers: Meet Jade!

My name is Jade, I go by She/Her Pronouns as a Transwoman Of Color. I am a part of my LGBTQ Metal Band “Fallen Stars“. Jade, when did you first start playing D&D?  What do you enjoy the most about the game? I only started a few years ago. A friend invited me to a session,Continue Reading

Tarren Adventure Queer

Adventure Queers: Meet Tarren!

I’m Tarren (they/them), and I’m an agender singer/songwriter and voice actor who’s been an avid gamer in various ways for more years than I can remember. I am working on developing my Soundcloud page which at this point has the “pocket songs” I’ve written so far. You can find the games I’ve played in here, andContinue Reading


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