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Sports Ball 2021 Week 11 Review

Second Blog Off: I have my final for the course I’m taking next week so won’t be able to write the Week 12 review. If anyone else would like to submit a week review, sent it to by Thursday Dec 2nd. Last Week’s Games Seacows vs Bad News Bears Sad news league, the BearsContinue Reading

Black Sails Season 4 Episode 10 Review – XXXVIII

Flint makes one last push to topple England.  Silver seals his fate.  Rackham confronts Rogers.  Nassau is changed forever. (Summary provided by BEST FLINT MOMENT Literally EVERYTHING.  This is Top Flint, from his insistence upon healing his relationship with Silver, to fighting giant Billy and winning, to seeing through Jack and Silver’s betrayal, to THATContinue Reading

Sports Ball 2021 Week 10 Review

Last Week’s Games Sad Fluid Squalor Seacows vs Beards ‘R Us The Beards’ mutton chop formation got the job done against a lackluster Seacows effort, though not without a possibly impactful injury to Aaron Jones. Jones makes up a key piece of the Mutton based offense and will have to be shaved off the startingContinue Reading


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