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Evangelicals and Captain Flint’s “Dragons” Speech in Black Sails

Black Sails is a television show about queer wrath, and if you weren’t already aware of this fact, I can only assume you haven’t watched it yet. Beware: this post will include spoilers for all four seasons of the best television show ever made (in my entirely correct opinion). Evangelicals and Captain Flint’s “Dragons” Speech…

Black Sails + Halt and Catch Fire

by Elizabeth Minkel Given the open-ended prompt of “can you write and/or talk about greatest show of all time Black Sails”—an ask I’ve been lucky enough to receive a few times since I fell for the show and started evangelizing for it five years ago—it’s hard for me to pick just one area of focus. …

You Should Read The Republic of Pirates After Watching Black Sails

For those fans who become interested in historical pirate history because of Black Sails, The Republic of Pirates by Colin Woodard is generally agreed to be the best place to start your research.  It’s an excellent work of non-fiction on its own: chaptered in roughly year-long periods within which we focus on the stories of four…


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