The 10 Most Popular Posts in 2021!

In 2021, readers were most interested in our big ticket posts, like the reason behind our October charity event and our summer book bingo. There was also a lot of clicks for the more personal posts on the site, like my essays on biphobia and coming out (to myself!) later in life. I’m thrilled that Black Sails got some significant love, both in my post about the awesome dragon speech, and for some reason, episode 108 specifically. We wouldn’t be a queer nerdy site if D&D didn’t get some attention, so it’s fitting that two of our TTRPG posts blew up, one reviewing published material and the other ranking a fictional monster fight. Two interviews finish out the list with the women behind an adorable dog food store and, well, me!

  1. This is Why Rainbow Refugee Matters: Olga and Natasha’s Story
  2. 2021 LGBTQ+ Summer Book Bingo
  3. Black Sails, Queer Representation, and the Valid Canonicity of Subtext
  4. Biphobia and Other Struggles of Queer Women
  5. Realizing You’re Queer When You’re 30
  6. Reviewing White Plume Mountain, a D&D 5e Dungeon
  7. Black Sails Season 1 Episode 8 Review – VIII
  8. D&D Monster Fight: CAMBION vs. VAMPIRE SPAWN
  9. Evangelicals and Captain Flint’s “Dragons” Speech in Black Sails
  10. How Can I Find a Safe and Comfortable D&D Group if I’m a Queer Lady?

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