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1 Year Later: The 10 Most Viewed Posts

Roar Cat Reads will turn 1 year old on March 4th! To celebrate, we are looking back at all of the things that got us here. Today, let’s see which 10 posts you the reader liked best of all!

10 Most Viewed Posts

  1. Reviewing White Plume Mountain, a D&D 5e Dungeon
  2. This is Why Rainbow Refugee Matters: Olga and Natasha’s Story
  3. Black Sails, Queer Representation, and the Valid Canonicity of Subtext
  4. Black Sails + Halt and Catch Fire
  5. We’re Getting Married: The Proposal Story!
  6. 2021 LGBTQ+ Summer Book Bingo
  7. Black Sails Season 1 Episode 8 Review – VIII
  8. Evangelicals and Captain Flint’s “Dragons” Speech in Black Sails
  9. Biphobia and Other Struggles of Queer Women
  10. Realizing You’re Queer When You’re 30

Much like hobbits, in honour of our 1 year anniversary, we are gifting you with a FREE copy of our original RPG, Common Sense and Sensibility: A Regency Lady TTRPG.

Common Sense and Sensibility: A Regency Lady TTRPG

“It is exceedingly well known that the life of a lady is far from easy. Death raises its grisly visage at every turn: whether from shawl insufficiency or too many novels, a Regency-era lady can never be too cautious.”

In this TTRPG character funnel, Regency ladies will test their delicate mettle and try to stay alive. This handbook lays out the game’s core rules, character creation instructions, and a list of the surprisingly mundane events that can test a lady’s constitution.

Download your FREE copy at our Ko-Fi shop.

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