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Happy Pride Month!

Roar Cat Reads is a queer, nerdy place for LGBTQIA2S+ folk during the entire year, but like birthdays and holidays, it’s always nice to have some specific attention. So get out your rainbows (metaphorical or literal) and celebrate yourself and the queer folk around you! Happy Pride!

If you’re new to Roar Cat Reads or want to learn more about what we do, this is your one-stop shop for all things queer and nerdy!


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Most Popular Blog Posts

On our blog, we review the world’s best television show Black Sails, interview queer nerdy folx about their projects and passions in our Adventure Queer series, and track our progress Walking Across Middle-Earth.

Some of our most popular posts are:

  1. Reviewing White Plume Mountain, a D&D 5e Dungeon
  2. This is Why Rainbow Refugee Matters: Olga and Natasha’s Story
  3. Black Sails, Queer Representation, and the Valid Canonicity of Subtext
  4. Black Sails + Halt and Catch Fire
  5. We’re Getting Married: The Proposal Story!
  6. 2021 LGBTQ+ Summer Book Bingo
  7. Black Sails Season 1 Episode 8 Review – VIII
  8. Evangelicals and Captain Flint’s “Dragons” Speech in Black Sails
  9. Biphobia and Other Struggles of Queer Women
  10. Realizing You’re Queer When You’re 30

We hope to see you around!

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