May Monthly Round Up

I love blogs that share links to other content that they have enjoyed. It’s a great way to find new people to follow. This month I found a truly great piece on pronoun etiquette that will be very helpful for anyone who doesn’t understand the growing movement of people including their pronouns after their name (aka Tricia, she/her). I also enjoyed some fun lists (I’ve got to try some of those homemade coffees!) and an update from Catoro, a local cat café that I love: 20 new cats have moved in, and they are ready for visits and adoption!

Your Personal Pronoun Etiquette Questions, Answered

On Writing: Female Representation in Video Games

Roleplaying Strahd von Zarovich: A Scholar’s Guide to the Dark Lords #01

Beyond Shadow and Bone: Your Guide to Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse

10 Roleplaying Games Based On Books For Your Next Literary Adventure

9 Coffees and Teas From Around the World You Can Make From Home

20 New Cats to Visit and Adopt at Catoro

What Should I Read Next? 10th Annual Summer Reading Guide

Books I Read in May

If you missed one of my book reviews this month, never fear! Check them all out below. Do yourself a favor and pick one up – I had a seriously enjoyable reading month in May!

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A Nostalgic Look Back on King’s Quest Computer Games

5 Podcasts for Dragon Age Fans

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, I appreciate it! 🙂


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