July Monthly Round Up

Molly Ostertag wrote a stunningly beautiful tribute to Tolkien, Frodo, and Sam with Queer Readings of The Lord of the Rings are Not Accidents.

Read this: How Square Enix remade FF7’s Honeybee Inn scene

I loved the Disney+ show Loki, and the bisexually lit episode 3 included a moment so many of us have LONG been waiting for – a popular, named Marvel character claiming a queer identity. The post Loki brings the trickster’s bisexual legacy to the MCU celebrates the scene and describes Marvel and Disney’s long and questionable journey to get here.

Loki as Other: Why Do Queer and Female Viewers Love the Trickster?

If you’re like me, your Dungeons & Dragons experience has been light on dragons. Polygon’s post D&D’s latest sourcebook revives a dragon species that’s been lost for 20 years will make you excited to change that (personally, I’m intrigued by dragon-based monk classes!).

Check out this really cool history for queer Vancouverites in: Out On The Shelves: A library pivotal to Vancouver’s LGBT2QIA+ community.

Check Out These Roar Cat Reads Posts!

We’ve posted a lot of D&D content this month – I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it.

Adventure Queers: Meet Izzy Braumberger!

Reviewing White Plume Mountain, a D&D 5e Dungeon

My Dream D&D Party of LGBTQ+ TV Characters

How to Find Source Material for D&D Adventures

D&D ONE SHOT | School Sucks! A High School Horror Adventure

Don’t Miss These Reviews of Books I Read in July

If you missed one of my book reviews this month, never fear! Check them all out below.

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